My new poetry collection: Skin

Posted on 30th May 2015 in News

I am very pleased to announce that my latest collection of poems – Skin – will be published by Longbarrow Press on June 5th.  The book covers almost a decade’s worth of writing, with five main sequences or long poems set alongside poetry inspired by collaborations and commissions.  My work over this period returns again and again to the texture, the look and feel of skin. Here I write about my children growing up, the painted flesh of Pre-Reformation wall art, and the pale skin of prisoners.  I write about the skins of figs, the hide of animals, skin cells, diseased skin. I touch on, in this work, the skin we live in.

You can find more information about the book here – on the Skin microsite set up by Longbarrow Press. It includes information about the book, and directs you to audio recordings, films and printed material.

Longbarrow Press has a fantastic website which is worth exploring if you haven’t already visited its pages. Press here to go to the Longbarrow site.