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Little Piece of Harm

My latest collection of poems is available from Longbarrow Press.  Little Piece of Harm is a narrative sequence that focuses on 24 hours in the life of a city that has been shut down in the aftermath of a shooting. As this act of violence ramifies outwards, the sequence explores the geographical reach of Sheffield…

Posted on 28th March 2021 in Publications

The Two-Way Poetry Podcast: Series One

Gathered together on one audio player, here are all the broadcasts from series one of my podcast. In each episode I invited a poet to introduce a poem by an author who had influenced his, her or their own approach to writing. The poet discussed the importance of this work, and went on to talk…

Posted on 10th March 2024 in News

The Two Way Poetry Podcast: Lydia Allison

In this episode, Lydia Allison reflects on Tom Phillips’ ‘treated’ book A Humument and how it influenced her own Metro erasure poems. In the interview, Lydia talks about going to an event where Tom Phillips talked about his practice as an artist – and about A Humument in particular. She relates how the book came…

Posted on 2nd March 2024 in News

The Two-Way Poetry Podcast: Elizabeth Holloway

In this episode, I talk to the poet Elizabeth Holloway about how Sharon Olds’ poem ‘The Blue Dress’ influenced the writing of her own poem ‘Blue Dress’. Liz talks about the impact Sharon Olds had on her when her first British collection – The Sign of Saturn – was published (in 1991). She talks about…

Posted on 20th February 2024 in News

The Two-Way Poetry Podcast: Angelina D’Roza

In this episode, I talk to the poet Angelina D’Roza about how an extract from Seamus Heaney’s The Cure at Troy, a verse translation of Sophocles’ play Philoctetes, influenced the writing of her own poem ‘Correspondences: The Credence of Birds’. Angelina talks about how Seamus Heaney’s stage directions from The Cure at Troy grabbed her…

Posted on 22nd January 2024 in News

The Two-Way Poetry Podcast: Matt Clegg

In this episode, I talk to the poet Matt Clegg about how ‘Back Home Again Chant’ by T’ao Ch’ien (translated by David Hinton) influenced the writing of his own poem ‘’Tzu-Jan as Perfomance Outcome.’ Matt talks about how Chinese poetry has come to increasingly influence his approach to writing over the past ten years.  He talks…

Posted on 8th January 2024 in News

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