My latest collection is still available to buy from Longbarrow Press. The book was the accumulation of ten year’s of work, taking in long poems and sequences about working as a prison writer-in-residence, Pre-Reformation Wall Art and its destruction, writers and writing, family ties and parenthood.  The book also features work drawn from collaborative projects with artists and other writers.   For more information about the poetry – with background essays, readings, film and text – and to order a copy of this handsome book follow this link to the Skin website.


The Footing

My sonnet sequence ‘Death and the Gallant’ features alongside a range of other walking-driven poems in The Footing (Longbarrow Press, 2013).  You can find out more about the anthology here, including accessing easy ways to pay for a book that has been labelled, from one reviewer: ‘the best anthology of new work I’ve read in years’ (Billy Mills, who writes for The Guardian).

If you want to fine out more about why I wrote a sequence of poems concerning Pre-Reformation wall art and its destruction, you can read a blog post I submitted to Longbarrow Press here, highlighting some of the historical and literary forces that shaped this work.




Jigs and Reels

Jigs and Reels came out in May 2013: a chapbook published by Shoestring Press.  The central sequence envisages the poems almost as ‘folk’ songs combined into ‘sets’: two poems spliced together to create thematic couplings on the page.  The pieces explore issues of family, fatherhood, mortality, and another folk ‘standard’ – the impact of war. The first section of the book dwells on lives of the artists – encounters I have had with a lyricist, poets, a reader of poetry.   The final section includes two poems that act as refrains in terms of what has come before, echoing themes illuminated elsewhere in the collection.  A film version of the poem ‘Skin’ can be viewed by following this link to Vimeo.

You can read a three-in-one review of Jigs and Reels on the on-line version of the magazine Sphinx – here.

‘Quality will out-perform quantity every time and although this is a slim volume, with fourteen poems contained within the thirty pages, the quality shines through. Chris Jones is a poet who works hard at the craft and in rhyme.’ Keith Bennett, South 48

The book can be purchased either by emailing me, or by going to the Shoestring Press website.